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Hi girl , Hi boy, MAKI BLUSH let's go!

Kids’ creativity and energy inspires us to make significant and intriguing clothes. This collection finds its inspiration in the traces of folds on the paper that are derived from origami models of regular geometrical shapes.
What is left is a map of folds and shadows - a trace to imagine the plane, the animal, the spaceship or any other intricate figure. Through the action of folding/unfolding and layering, the fabric is turned into a playful and graphic form. The result is an adventurous and a unique collection containing geometrical shapes and bold colour combinations, as well as soft fabrics combined with a dose of functionality, strong character and a cool vibe.
The cutting-edge style is the brand’s DNA: casual shapes with interesting cut-outs and eccentric details. This quirky yet sophisticated feature reflects children’s individuality and makes clothes special and meaningful.
It all adds up to a collection that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary: embracing cool and a strong personality.


Three mothers are behind the idea of Maki Blush: Monika, an art historian, Alisa, a fashion designer, and Natalia, an architect.
The three professions together make a unique combination and that’s what makes the brand extra special. The team is based in Holland but their roots originate from Poland.
What they remember most of their childhood memories, are the stunning, red vivid fields full with poppies (maki). That view represents what they cherish most in kids - freedom, distinctive and bloom.

Made in LODZ

All fabrics come from Lodz, Poland, and the production is set there as well. In the 19th century Lodz became one of Europe’s biggest and fastest growing textile industry centres. Today Lodz is still associated with the fashion industry, as it has been for more than 200 years.
All our workers are highly educated and are working in safe and healthy environment with a decent pay.


We care about the fabrics we use – they are all high quality and we avoid the use of harmful chemicals.
All clothes can be washed in 40° but we advice to wash them in 30° and hang to dry for sustainability and environmental reasons.

- We hope you enjoy your new MAKI BLUSH